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My very first find with the ATX, metal butterfly. Kinda strange, in a wash way out here, just goes to show me how things travel in these dry washes that only run 3 or 4 for times a year.

Maybe the next pic will be GOLD, well I can wish!


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That's the end of a barbed wire spool. They migrate all the way from South America and lay their eiggs in mesquite. The caterpillars make cocoons in the fall and roll themselves in barbed wire.

There was an old country and western group named after those things. They were called Iron Butterfly. Did a sad ballad about the garden of eden. You might have heard it?

I use them for the framework of my wind chimes. Hang it up and then hang all your detector finds from it. As you find more junk the windchime grows. I had one that weighed 600 pounds before it broke the tree limb. The skeleton of the creation was those "iron butterflys" and old pieces of chain. Anything ande. everything I found for 3-4 years got wired up there.

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:25r30wi: :25r30wi: :25r30wi:I think I will hang it from my yard tree, not a bad idea. Caught you on the C&W group, I'm not that young, In the Godda Davida uh huh, pure rock and roll.

Used to sit in my big brothers room with the black light and posters and listen to that fine music! Love the post....

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