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My new air rifle

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Just got my new toy.......not necessarily a toy........A Benjamin Marauder precharged pneumatic 25 caliber air rifle. It is commonly known as a PCP air rifle. At 80 yards it will put 5 shots under a dime and touching. It is excellent for small game such as quail, doves, wild turkey, rabbits, and pigs. On Airgunner TV they dropped a wild pig with one shot between the eyes. Also a good predator gun and less noise than my Beeman break action 177. It is a kick to shoot with an adjustable trigger. It is filled with a scuba tank that costs only $6.95 to fill with air and gets about 25 shots per rifle filling and numerous fillings on a tank of scuba air. This should help my coyote problem and also take care of the problems with bad shoulders and cocking my old gun which I truly enjoy. Jerry

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WoW! Pile of money for a Air Rifle but then it a lot or Rifle. http://www.airgundepot.com/benjamin-marauder-pcp-air-rifle--22-cal-repeater-1000-fps.html


Not that the price is any different, but the one you posted a link too is a .22 caliber, the one Jerry has is a .25 caliber.

Not as much FPS, but has more thump!


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I gave up on the air and pump pistols and rifles for my varmint problems. They all eventually leak. Been using these now for years in my 10/22, and in my little pea shooter. The report is about the same as the air tools and the neighbors are none the wiser.


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I put a 4X12 scope on it. My first shots were amazing with almost no trigger pull and less noise than a standard bb gun. I also shoot a Savage 17HMR with bull barrell and an old 1914 Savage takedown hex barrel 22. I also had problems with leaking on cheaper pellet rifles. When you consider the cheaper cost of ammo a gun like this pays for itself in no time. Jerry

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Yup. Big ol pump airguns were the best guns out there. Kings used them. They took along a couple of slaves to pump them up between shots.

They are better in every way than a propellant driven rifle up to a point. For a .25 caliber they are ideal.

Try a "faster" compressed gas than nitrogen. Use helium to charge that gun! I betcha Co2 or argon would get a bunch more velocity. The airgun evolved into the light gas gun. With lighter gasses and a fill source capable of delivering a ton of pressure like a compressed cylinder the potential for some real speed is there.

NASA uses an "air gun" to simulate meteoroids hitting space hardware. They use a hydrogen airgun and shoot at cosmic speeds. The gun itself is 30 feet long. It is nothing but a big airgun that uses highly compressed light gas. It would be very simple to employ this in a modern air rifle and get big performance increases.

Helium. Cheap, fast and effective.

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