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Rock or mineral?

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Please bear with me, I am new at this and still learning protocol (the hard way I might add). This was in a box of other rocks at a sale in Oregon. At first I thought that it was a cone or fruit of some sort. It is 4" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/2". Color is reddish brown. Luster is metallic to dull. Streak is brown. In my un-experienced mind the Look is reniform, the Hardness is 2 1/2 or less (scratched with a penny on the "flat" side). It is non-magnetic and non- fluorescent. The yellowish stuff is a thin coating of something. Any help would be appreciated?







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It is an odd piece. I am having a heck of a time identifying it. My wife is telling me that I am spending too much time trying to identify it and that I should be doing other things like the taxes. A geologist looked at it in person and admitted that he had no idea what it was but that it was not organic. Is there any place that I could send it for identification that would not cost me an arm and a leg? By the way I researched Detroit agates and it is not that. Thanks for any help.

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That sure is a strange one. Is the yellow something someone could have coated it with?? Could it be some type of fossil, piece of a nautiloid? Some pics make it look something like a mastodon tooth but colors look like jasper, but too soft. Perhaps check a couple other spots for hardness. Found in a box, could have come from anywhere. What other rocks in the box? Lot of guestions, just crazy ideas, Bob

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Klunker, that was funny. Bob (AK), the yellow coating looks natural and is harder (>5.5). Other items in the box were petrified wood and different agates. Some other individuals on a fossil forum thought that it might be a mollusk, fragment of an ammonite or mastodon tooth. To me, after scouring the internet, the mollusk looked possible but not the ammonite fragment or mastodon tooth (too many sides). Having a geologist tell me that it was non-organic started me to look at rocks. I have sent e-mails to a couple of universities geology departments but have not heard back from any of them. There are some small feather crystalline structures in one spot (top left of center) and a fan shaped structure in another (middle left). Sorry about the poor picture quality, my phone can only do so much. I ordered a loupe and am waiting for that to show up so I can look at things closer. I am also going to keep plodding along with this thing until something comes up and I really appreciate your guys interest.


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My husband owned scrapyards and we used to find stuff like this all the time ... Looked almost identical to this..... He said it was slag. It's very pretty.... Some slag is really sparkly and colorful... I am no expert, this just looks like what we found all the time.

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