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Quartz veins every where.


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Well no wonder the Garrett is beeping at these quartz veins, there is copper ore all over the place. I was just zeroed in on the quartz and not the greater surrounding area.

Going to keep scratching at these though, looks like a possible place to find gold, I think???










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Well sense you mentioned it Bail has read some where that you can train a dog to sniff out gold. I am of course all for it! I'll even bank roll the

the kibble treats needed for the training :brows:

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:old: From what I have read the very best quartz gold is in Northern Calif. and there not much quartz gold outside of Northern Calif. Near one of the GPAA claim outside of Barstow, CA is a especially large mount of white quartz and to date no one has found any gold near the white quartz. Now while I might take time for a little medal detecting around this white quartz I would not invest too much time. Keeping in mind there are other dessert gold clues to be aware if I found a some blood red quartz in the areaI would invest a bit time and effort sampling for gold.

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Im having a hard time seeing the copper from your photos. Could you take a close up please. I also always always wear my gloves while working on any quartz hardrock. Quartz will tear you up as fast as a high speed bike crash on Tuesday afternoon.

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