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Boulder Dash Schools Me......


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So, Boulder dash and I got together for some major recon in a remote area.A last minute invite was thrown out to a few compadre`s , but I think there plans were nailed down.....

This is remote stuff folks....Boulder dash inspects a vein the old timers were working... :yesss:


An obvious stamp or jaw crusher was used in this spot...They didn`t build walls like this for nothing :brows:


So now for the schooling...

I placered out an area roughly 20 feet long and 2-1/2 feet wide...Figured I got the most of the gold as I did get several pieces from there ...Boulder Dash go`s behind me with the GB2 and cleans house !! :idunno: He literally scores multiple grainers from my work area....I must eat my humble pie, and learn from someone who is very skilled with the Gold Bug II....

3 days take.....mine on the left 10.1 grams , and Boulder Dash`s on right 6.4 grams :brows:


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Dang!! You guys rocked it!! Thats a nice hual.
Adam.....you must remember to take the humble road after BD...

He was born with a GB2 on his arm.. There is just no stopping him!!!
Way to go guys

Tom H.

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I can't wait to get a new GB and get back out there with you guys. I've been away for too long. Hopefully there is good news about a job back in the USA soon.


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That great old school GB2 does rock the caliche. I'll always keep my ol'trusted GB2 friend no matter what great new thing that comes out. Fantastic finds and a area that'll keep ya going for quite some time. Congratulations-John

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I am definitely impressed with that haul. Congrats!

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