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Quartzite 2014 Frank an Teri

frank c

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Yowsa, Yowsa, a cracked rib an then went back out to detect 3 more nuggets that day. Then ON THE LAST DAY did it again an messed up the shoulder. Sometimes its hard to remember yer 62 years old an things just aren't like your mind thinks, younger days dirt squirtin bikes , snowmobiles, etc BUT no quick reflexes anymore to overcome adverse situations :cry2:
OUCH !! But ya gotta persevere !!!
Didn't want to ruin the wifes weeks vacation from work an come home so I used 2 P.I. control box covers velcroed together to form a brace an kept on BEEPIN :nutty:

That's the way ya do it.

SO I didn't get dethroned my 2 an a half oz Vampire nugget is still tops in this house hold. But the wife DID tilt the scales.
I took her to a spot an said see that spot an all around it hunt there, 10 minutes later she comes walkin up to me with a 3/4 oz speci laced on all sides with Ol Yeller showin.
Then goes a couple days beepin after that an starts complainin to me about not getting anything else except bullets an trash.
So I tell here again, that's the way it goes, Ya think its Christmas EVERYDAY ?????????????
Next day she really SHAKES ME UP ,......comes SCREAMIN up behind me LOOK LOOK I can't believe it shes holdin a 32.5 dwt piece with gobs of Ol Yeller commin out all over it. MINGYA !!!!! That was another lil honey hole I took her to.
Guess I'll have to start sendin her out beepin an just stay home an watch the TV an see if she can do it by herself !!!!!!!!

I did have a fair 6 days of beepin myself with 10 nuggets over 3/4 oz total. Including 1 quarter oz piece.
Together we racked up around 59 dwts. A really great start to the new year.

Heres some pics of "The Clan" camped there, sorry Boulderdash an my buddy Scott that could't make it.

Special THANKS to my new friend Norman from northern Ca. for helpin me out.
and Shep for the Cabo Wabo that day.

Keep yer Beeper oiled up an ready ta hunt nuggets its gonna be a banner year out there.
AN watch for Sean Phillips of the Broncos to create a "key" play today an GO GO BRONCO's WIN THIS ONE FOR "HARRY" !!!
Talkin bout Harry ,???? Here he is in a pic with over an ounce an a half mouthful :4chsmu1: Its the only way I could quiet him down was to stuff some Ol Yeller in his mouth !!!!!! He was as excited as we were God Bless Ya Harry :yesss:












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Man Frank and Teri...CONGRATS!!
Thats some awsome looking gold :)
Glad you two were able to find it.
Tom H.

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Fantastic! Slim was right. It was worth the weight. :)

Good for everyone.

And Shep and Patrick? Are they still up there waiting for the outing next weekend?


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Frank and Teri,

Good going on the gold, congrats to both of you !!! Nice haul. Frank, hope your not out again for a while, hope you heal up fast. The gold sure does love you guys. But you both get out there and bust butt all day looking.


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Congrats Frank and Teri ... Teri you have really caught on to this mining lifestyle ... WTG Girl ... Very nice gold. Frank ... you just haven't come to terms with chronological age and mental image of age ... at 60+/- you can't ride that ATV like you did at 35 ... on the other hand ... nice gold and heal fast ... there is still more out there with your name on it.


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