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New Tikka Rifle

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A few weeks ago I started a thread ,"Big Rifles". In our discussion nvchris posted a photo of his sweet Finnish 300 short mag. I thought I knew what I wanted but after reading his post I researched a little more.

I have always loved european hunting guns. I shot a Husqvarna for many years and handed it down to my son. Now he needs a new meat getter suitable for elk and oryx. I figured it would be appropriate to hand him a rifle of similar quality now that he is an accomplished hunter and marksman.


Tikka (Sakko) T3 hunter in 30-06. The gun is the lightest, sleekest, best feeling gun I have ever held. The machine work is impeccable. The wood is full of patina and fire. The fit and finish are Finnish. The whole thing is a beautiful balanced work of art. It weighs only 7 lbs with scope and sling!

The cheapie Tasco scope is keeping a spot warm for a Leupold 3x9x40 VX3 that is on order. So don't give me any guff about mounting that scope on such a rifle!

We are sighting it in tomorrow. Both my son and I were mighty excited when we ordered it. Once we saw it it blew us away. We were standing in front of a wall of fine Weatherbys and was holding the finest rifle in the gun shop. You can look a long darn time and never see a weapon as carefully designed and executed as this one.

Thanks nvchris for posting the photo of your Tikka rifle. I am no longer instantly and uncontrollably envious! You have fine taste in firearms my friend!

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P.E.T.A will not appreciate this....

P.E.T.A.s taste just like chicken if you marinate them in the blood of spotted owls.

No game animal in New Mexico is safe within 500 yards of that rifle. I hope he kills a whole herd of elk and slays a hundred oryx with it. My grandson will stand in awe of it and hold it in his lap after a kill and touch the warm barrel as we clean the animal. As he feels the warmth from that barrel he will want to be a man. That is what a rifle represents.

P.E.T.A.s don't get that. Ill leave it to the P.E.T.A.s to ponder.

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Sweeeeeet lookn' weapon,should be fun to shoot. Dumb question #234-Did Sakko(SEKO??) change name,go under or just now rebranded Tikka or knockoff. See tol' ya it was a dumb question-John

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Imported euro rifles are rare here and not generally marketed in the US. Sakko engineers have offered branding like Husqvarna and Tikka so as not to undercut the european brand but offer the American market a limited number of the guns.

FFV offered the biathlon favorite designed by Carl Gustav and hand made in Sweeden. It was for all practical purposes a Sakko but carried the Husqvarna label. It was available for a very short time in the US.

Tikka is yet another attempt at branding a product for the world (American) market. It is a Sakko rifle.

It is just llike Range Rover and Land Rover vehicles. One is sold abroad and is subject to bizzare importation taxes and rules and the other competitive in the American market.

Nowdays a Sakko rifle will cost a couple thousand dollars. They are almost all single shot and have no magazines at all. The fit and finish are a little better than their Tikka brand but still head and shoulders over the American products in the same price range.

So Tikka is a branding scheme for the American market by the famous Finnish arms manufacturer Sakko.

Check out the history on thee Finnish. They are word renowned for rifles as well as world class hunters and marksmen.

Husqvarna was only available for a few years. They are worth as much as a European rifle now but retailed for less than half. Tikka rifles will do the same. I bet within five years they stop importing again and the value soars.

It is worth about the same as a new Weatherby and is comparable in every way except it is lighter and has the European style and oil finished stock. It is quite a bit lighter due to the design. It is clip fed (3 rds) and has a polymer clip and trigger guard. The trigger assy is superior to Weatherby and the bolt and receiver design is much sleeker. The big difference is the integral 17mm dovetail on the top that the rings mount on...sorta like a .22. It eliminates a lot of height and weight and makes the rifle handle so well.

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SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many new toys for us out a doors folks,now what's a fella gonna do...buy and try till I die is my motto-loved that Weatherby but forsaken for yet another aaaaa few mo' :thumbsupanim John


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