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Deming Wal Mart Ammo SHortage!

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Well it seem it's corrected for a time. They replaced the guy that was in charge of the Sporting Good this week.

Wife found some Federal .22 and bought 3 boxes of 550. @ 21 a box. . Shelve were full. It seems the last guy was holding back and selling to some local guy who was selling at twice the price. Emmmm Go Figure Deming NM?

Went back this morning for some more and the Shelves be barren. People are hungry. All we need now is some Remington Stingers (Better then CCI MINI MAGS) and some #2 12 gauge.

Will see what happens.

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Why don't you get them someplace else?

You can get whatever you need if you are the first one there when they are delivered. Been that way for two years.

Plenty of ammo to be had. Just not at the Deming Wal Mart.

They have two excellent shops in Silver and four in Las Cruces.You can get whatever you need off the shelf and order anything special within a week. No problems. Lots of components and powder. No problem with primers or even .223 rounds. .22goes fast but the stores mainly take orders nowdays. They have them sold before they hit the loading dock. All you gotta do is go to a ammo store and order yourself a case or two. They get shipments at least weekly at these local outfits.

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