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Wickenburg rock from geode hill.... What is it?

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This is from the location in the books off constellation road...... I never found any geodes, but did find a rock that had a geode looking cluster in it..... Just put in under the uv light and it fluoreses red with green....?? Any clue?



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Yes...... And I didn't really find anything.... I climbed all the way to the top!! I just saw some marble sized ones stuck in the rocks.... Is that all it is??? It's pretty when under a UV light anyways...

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Definitely some quartz there. I would guess that the greenish color is calcium or fluorite. The reddish/purple color could just be reflection from the black lamp. Are you using a short wave lamp or a long wave. You will want a short wave...

As for the site itself, I do remember finding mostly small nodules, and only a few were crystal filled. I don't remember it being a site that I wanted to return.

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Hi Sarahrose,

First, I really enjoy your post since you seem to have the same interests that I have. I haven't posted here in a while but I do lurk from time to time. Based on your natural light pics, the green is chalcedony. I cant tell if the red is calcite or just a reflection, but the rock is beautiful. I have some fluorescent calcite I recently got from the Ajax mine and a fluorescent chalcedony thunder egg I got from Potts Canyon that I will post later.

Happy Hunting,


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Whatever it is, it's more interesting under the light than it is without it. Didn't know Ajax had calcite... But then again, I didn't look...:-)) last time I was up there we were looking for amethyst, but had better luck at the woodpecker mine down the road..... The place is full of it..... And I did notice the shaft had collapsed in more since we had been there a year ago...... I tried to get my husbands buddy to get me some of the bigger crystals off the wall there, but it was in such a precarious place we decided to just leave them be and take a picture..... Sometimes the rock isn't worth getting hurt for.

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