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Gold goes to the Pretty, around Tom's Well


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Great on you Terry! Don't let Frank take you out for some steak celebration dinner (not healthy), CABO is on it's way (tomorrow night)and be there for Thursday night!

Headed for Q! tomorrow night! Gonna miss Super Bowl, but oh well. Plan is still Q for a week and then LSD.


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Hey Shep ... What dates you planning to be at Q ... That's one place I would like to take Jay when he gets here this coming weekend. I'm bringing him to Bill's outing at LSD 7-9 also.


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Shep, you can watch Super Bowl With me if you don't mind watching Denver WIN IT.

Terry says no to Cabo She is still walking about three feet off the ground. I'll see if Frank can post some pics on My computer today. He's a little sore as he flipped his ATV yesterday on his way to pick up Terry.

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Adam in Daisy Dukes??? Not even going there!

Harry, might take you up on that. My team Bears- oh well. Like Seattle and Broncos both, but do think Broncos have the edge.

Frank called this morning, didn't say anything about dumping his quad. He's okay right? Said he was going to take day off and go into town.

Mike, will be there tomorrow thru following Thursday then to LSD on Friday.

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