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Garrett beeping at Quartz


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The monsoon storms we had last year out here eroded parts of

the road and exposed some quartz veins.

My Garret sounds off when I swing it over almost all the veins I can see and I can follow the vein where it disappears under the road to the other side of the road where it appears again. ???

Any thoughts.

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It's a Garrett ATX just got it from Bill a few days ago. I turned it on yesterday, did a frequency scan. ground balanced it, turned the

sensitivity up to 11 and the discrimination down to 1.

It was quiet till I checked it on my boot. Then walked a little way further and it started sounding off over a few different quarts veins.

I did start digging at the stuff however most of it is in pretty solid host rock. Sending a few photo's. I just now walked out my front door and took these.










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Clue me in what am I looking at.

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! is not gold its that bright yellow crusty stuff neon tallow that grows and the rocks around here.

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Yea the 4 photo does look like there is some gold on it but that was just my poor photography. I did move about 6" of material where

the Garrett is sounding off and went over it again and it signaled a stronger response.

About 3 feet to the right of that am getting a even stronger response on a quarts vein. When I hit the pinpoint button and get right over

what's down there the Garrett goes off the charts measures all the way up to 13 and screaming on two different spots about a 2 foot apart.

I moved the dirt over the latter two spots and got down to solid rock again, had a beautiful 2" wide quartz vein. Really solid and very white

quartz. Chipped some out and it is very solid quartz.

What are the possible reasons for quarts to be beeping so strongly????

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I was thinking the same thing, But I'm really only getting a response from the beeper on the quartz veins. I did find a bullet casing and a couple of beer caps


Hummm :89:

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Keep digging until you retreive a signal.

If you cannot locate the source of the signal something is outta whack.

I don't see anything in the photos that should be beeping a detector. If the signal is stronger as you go down and it is not in the spoil pile go down farther.

Finding out what is making that thing beep is the name of the game. Dig down until you have it in your hand.

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Dug till I had blisters on my hands. Am going to get back at it in the morning. I don't think any thing is out of whack. but...... Tired and going to sleep. tomorrow is another day.

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When the blood drips off your elbows and you are staring the devil in the belly button you are almost deep enough.

There is no way that the material you are digging out is making the noise. Crushing it and panning it will not reveal the source of your signal. It is either the machine out of adjustment or you have a target.

FYI - Iron in mineral form won't make a detector beep. It will interrupt threshold in many ways but it won't give a positive signal.

A Collins Axe or digging bar is perfect for potholing solid rock. You can dig a foot deep in andesite in a matter of a few minutes. It will save a whole lot of blisters.

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In her last post she was panning with her daughter and mentioned the quartz was sounding off.

My guess is the country rock is super hot and the quartz is barren and the machine is overshooting on the quartz. I know nothing about the machine or the rock she is hunting on but the rock in the pictures looks hot as hell. And the quartz surrounded with oxides. That is a recipe for noise.

Just a hunch. If you have a free gold vein or a quartz that gives a true positive signal I will eat my hat with gravy. It certainly could be a gold vein. I hope so. BUT.....

We all dig a lot of noise when learning our detectors. I dug a three foot hole with a GB before I realized I was hhearing the hole and not the rock.

You will figure the signal out. And crushing and panning is a great idea...but it won't help you learn what the detector is telling you.

Dig like a badger on meth and dig up every signal. A month from now you will have a lot better idea of what makes things go beep.

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Going to do some crushing and panning!

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My bet is the Photo Four is going to hold Gold. Mash it up and pan it out. Like Monsinsite it will hold gold. The gold is like a Draws. Fine and Above microscopic. It will look like a soft butter color. Just in spots but full of it. I found a piece like that once that was only 30 grams in weight and held 1/4 gram of gold.

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Aright my Garrett is talking to me and I'm listening! Went back to the class room this afternoon, got my silver ingot my once of 18k gold some iron and tin

and got serious.

This Garrett is the MAN! Frequency scan, ground balance, threshold set at 7, in motion mode. Had Bail bury my goodies in the sand at the

wash and mark each hole with a stick to mark the spot, didn't know what was in what hole.

After practicing this afternoon with my goodies in the yard I went in pretty confidently. Was able to identify every one correctly, Bail was amazed :thumbsupanim

The iron check feature is outstanding, you can really tell you have iron under you, the grunt is unmistakable. However if you iron check over silver, gold .

swinging nice and slow and level you still get the beautiful low tone x high tone and chiming, zero grunting.

My Garrett is telling me I found some gold in some of those quartz veins! I did crush some material and pan it, no color. I killed a bath towel and

a sheet today ( wrapped some float in them ) and beat them with pipe, hands are a bit sore. :nutty: I can see that this hobby might inspire you to do unordinary things

Think I will just let the veins simmer for a while, when Jeff gets home I'll have him take the backhoe down there and make that quartz vein my B!+*h.

Going swinging in the wash tomorrow :wee:

Love all the tips and am going to start writing them down in the morning while I get my Nugget Shooter Fix :putertired:

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P.S. thought the little dude above on the computer was drinking coffee not head bashing, boot to the head :4chsmu1:

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Dig like a badger on meth and dig up every signal. A month from now you will have a lot better idea of what makes things go beep.

^^^ What he said :thumbsupanim ^^^

I think the biggest thing I did WRONG when I started detecting was thinking too much about each individual signal I got... I guess it sound kind of bass-ackwards, but it just takes tons of time with a machine to start getting the hang of it, and the only way to really get it is to badger out as many chunks of metal out of the ground as possible. I hate to even think about time spent digging to China, chasing hot ground...

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