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When Jill & I stopped at Q a couple of weeks ago there were hardly any vendors and those who we asked said they were worried because the annual migration of snowbirds was way low for some reason. They mentioned different theories: greedy landowners, BLM crackdown on campers and bad economy, for example. Anyway, I hope Q isn't just another ghost town in the making.

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I was informed that last year rates jacked up all over town. Lee runs a rv camp there and said last year attendance way down. Folks said cash very TIGHT. But our Liar and Chief says eberthin' b al reight now????John

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It was good visiting with you at QZsite last Saturday Patrick. Sorry I couldn't visit longer, it was a very busy day. Hopefully we can catch up this coming weekend.

Attendance and revenue was way down this year. Vendors were talking 75 - 80% drop in sales over last year! The "Big Tent" doubled their vendor fees this year and announced they will not be back next year. There were a lot of vendors putting up "business for sale" signs before we left last Sunday.

It was our first year demonstrating during the season there. We did quite well but I suspect that was more about the demographic of who was buying. Cheap was not a big selling point this season.

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