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Short Story with a puzzle!

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For those of you not on my FaceBook page -

A two piece puzzle!

During this hunt, I had found a few smaller meteorites and was working on a hill with a slight slope. It was working out as a nice hunt day. I swung my detector over J158 and the same exact time I spotted it with my eye. Yes! After recording the find, I continued my hunt on the hill. I was doing a parallel search pattern which spanned about 200 yards and it took about 20 minutes to get to an area just below the J158 find...about five feet. Suddenly an extremely loud ZIP ZIP and I looked down and spotted part of a meteorite sticking out of the ground! Yes! After recording as J159 I looked at both of them and it looked like they might fit together. Sure enough! They fit, making a two piece puzzle! I can't recall how many I found that day without looking into the bag I dug these out of. I was playing with my poor man's light box (All Chris's fault) and snapped this picture. Was cool that it brought up some nice memories!


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Hi Ben!

LOL! I have never been called 1/2 crazy but I am sure I've been called a whole bunch of other choice words! :200:

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post-1619-0-83946500-1391636763_thumb.jpAloha everyone,

Just read this story about Jims 2 pc puzzle and it reminded me of my 2pc 792 gram Franconia that looks like the African continent when put together. I found the first smaller piece with my GMT as it had only a small fraction sticking up out of the ground. Seeing that it had a nice clean beak to it I figured that their might be more pieces laying around. I shed my backpack and threw it up against a brush and started to grid the area off. After about an hour I had almost given up and decided to take a break and have a monster drink and a ham and cheese sandwich. I lifted my pack up off the ground and lo and behold. BTW guys, always look where you put your stuff first. There under my pack and sitting up against the roots of this small brush was the other piece. Man did I feel foolish. Now I was determined to find more. Well after another hour I gave up period. I have never found that third piece even tho I have looked for it numerous times. In fact every time I visited Franconia I made a point to hunt this area for at least an hour. Hope my pic gets posted as I have been having problems trying to find my pictures on my laptop.

Aloha and stay safe out there,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Hi Stan! That sure is a nice find/s!

You always seem to have that sort of luck....tripping over them, sitting on them, etc.

I remember on one hunt we were all walking together to a spot we were going to hunt and about half way out you realized you forgot your battery. We all waited for you to walk back to the vehicle and then all the way back to where we were only to find a really nice oriented rock on your way back! I don't know anyone luckier! Then there was the end of the day where I darn near had to carry you and Hershey and the gear back! That was a great but arduous day. Will never forget it! Good times! We all beat ourselves up that day!

I think DolanDave has us both whooped when it comes to puzzles. We hunted one day and I thought I was putting the whoop ass on everyone picking up 4 or 5 meteorites in a row. Not paying attention to what Dave was doing, turned to look at him and he was kneeled down picking pieces up all over a small area. Later he posted a picture of the darn thing put back together and held with rubber bands! It must be a 20 piece puzzle! What an awesome sample!


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