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Treasures Not Yet Found

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It says nothing about the treasures that are being lost today. That accounts for more treasure that has ever been lost.

I wonder why fellows assume treasure is old and hidden?

There is more gold and diamonds in the cracks of the pavement than pirates or outlaws have ever hidded in the sum total of history. Twenty old couches cough up more goodies than twenty years looking for a chest of silver coins that simply never existed. And there is more findable gold on a popular recreation spot than there is in most placer areas by a huge margin.

It is my opinion that a fellow can spend fifty hours trying to decipher some fairy tale that has been re written and embellished for. a hundred years and never be any closer to gold than when he started. He can spend one hour in the phone book and have a half dozen productive locations where hundreds of dollars are laying. The only difference between them is one has a wild azz story behind it and the others have treasure.

Just my humble opinion. There are thousands of real treasures being lost today that are REAL. There are hundreds of tall tales of yesterday that are not.

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Hey Bob, have you ever seen anything on the Larue treasure? Grubstake

Yup. The little placer at padre springs on the east side of the pass in the Organs. My uncle Roscoe mined that before the days of WSMR.

The story is just a story. It is a mix between the story of the hermit padre (a true story) and a fictional tale about the Padre Springs placer. Fellows invented the story in Organ about the turn of the century to market those claims. There is gold there but not much.

The Noss/Victorio Peak treasure is real. So is the Caballo legends. But the Padre was murdered in a cave on the other side of the mountains and had no gold. Only his bible and a cotton garment and a rope around his waist. His belongings are in a museum in Mesilla.

So there is my spin on Padre La Rue....for whatever it is worth. I do have a gram or two of gold and some ore from the Padre Springs mine that Roscoe gave my grandmother before he passed away.

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I've been there. Sat on the staircase. Regarded the construction. I am a carpenter and an engineer so I think I know what I am looking at in that respect.

Great piece of craftsmanship but no miracle. Neat old staircase for sure. Just like a coil spring with a bentwood spine right up the center of the tread.

Lots of "miracles" in Santa Fe. That is why they call it that. Lots of neat and unique craftsmanship too.

The Loretto Chapel is magic without the staircase. It is one of the favorite places for couples to get married in New Mexico. Just BEAUTIFUL!

Cattle mutilations, L. Ron Hubbards underground vault and space ship landing strip, Lincoln LaPaz's mysterious green lights, the Taos Hum, the Roswell Incident, Operation Gasbuggy, Operation Gnome, The Manhattan Project, Victorio Peak, Adams Diggings, Billy the Kid, Kit Carson, Aldo Leopold, Geronimo, Ben Hur, David Parker Ray and the Chupacabra. The Juarez cartel, Los Gorros Blancos, Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio Azteca.

I have to lay claim or take the blame for a little of all these things around this neck of the woods. Lots of crazy stuff and bizzare things happen here.

Edited by Bedrock Bob
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They are just all quinissentially New Mexico. Some people interested in the fantastic would rank them one way. A science buff would rank them another. Then there is the spiritual and supernatural. Then evil and criminal.

Treasure tails are common. We had the first treasure hunt (the Conquest), the second treasure hunt (the reconquista) and the third (Gov. Otero). Also one of the biggest unrecovered treasures (Victorio Peak), then there is all the meteorite action here....we got the most in the continental U.S., and the many gold placers with very little history. Our mining records from Spain all the way to 1846 was burned (see Gov. Otero). So there is a lot of mystery there.

I like the science stuff...Gnome, Manhattan and Gasbuggy. Lincoln LaPaz and the nuclear labs, Sandia and NASA, WSMR and the VLA Telescope.

Then probably the freedom fighters and outlaws....Los Gorros Blancos, Geronimo and Nana, the woman warrior Lozen, Blackjack Ketchum and Doc Holiday and Big Nose Kate. The code talkers, La Raza Unida, NORML, guys like Teddy Rosevelt, Douglass MacAurthur, Aldo Leopold and Edward Abbey play a big part here.

Then the fantastic...Roswell and Dulce and the cattle mutilations. I like mutilation. The secret alien lab at NASA and the Foo Fighters. The Dali Lamas exile and the Sikh ashram in Espanola. And you can't forget Chupacabra. He killed 500 chickens in Chaparral just last year.

I really enjoyed learning about the Scientology compound and L. Ron Hubbards spaceport. Google that for sure. You can see it from space...The "San Miguel Ranch Airport...connected to tunnels and mansions and full of science fiction works.

The sickos and the celebrities, artists actors and filthy rich that own entire kingdoms. I guess they all make their mark in there somewhere. Buffalo burgers with Ted Turner? A drink with Dick Cheney? A chat with Jane Fonda?

I'm not sure how I would rate it all. There is something interesting in almost every square inch.

Edited by Bedrock Bob
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Kit Carson lived here in Mariposa for a bit, His cabin is gone now, but it used to be on Carson Creek. He owned the Mariposa mine here right in town, Him and Fremont were all over this place. It has great history, and I've found some of the gold they missed out on Carson Creek, Grubstake

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Tell us some of the Native American History. I think some of your 'story telling' that is coming out now in this thread was the way the unwritten history from the past was kept (with embellishments of course)!

One of my best friends grew up trapping and fishing in Virginia and he is part Indian (I think Cherokee). Stories about that area are in the book Chesapeake by James Michener. Much of the same flora and fauna was in north Florida where I grew up. My friend and Michener tell great stories too.

You are reminding me of them.

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