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Hi All,
Would like to attend the LSD Outing this weekend. I'm a GPAA member. My son and daughter want to join me and have joined GPAA today.

Not sure if their membership cards will arrive by Thursday. Can they still participate?
Can bring proof that they are paid up

Is tent camping ok, we are very proficient at it. Can we bring a side by side. Are Dogs allowed.

Does any one like green chilly meat.


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Oh and we live on the other side of the state, can we go set up camp Thursday eve?

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Pennigold ... Outing is February 7-9 ... not next weekend as I understand it. All the rest should be good to go. I used to tent but will have my new to me toyhauler with my Polaris RZR inside. GPAA is slow to get memberships out. Call them later in the week for the member numbers if you are concerned. I doubt anyone will question you if you just say you have sent in the memberships especially when you already have yours. Your green chili meat should go great with my beans/beef chili. I'm making one mild and one 3X ... most can't handle my 5X chili ... sometimes that includes me! Jay(my older son), my lab Max and I will probably be rolling in Friday morning. You won't be the only one Thursday night I am sure.


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Thanks Mike and Bill see you then!

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