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Hey all:
Welp Dad and I went out today to a area that weve been going to and I wanted to patch hunt the hill inbetween two washes that we got gold out of.

Also wanted to try out my new cart! :) I made it out of a golf bag carrier.

Thing worked pretty good. Was able to get the 5000, GB2, Backpack and big coil with lunch, Camelbak, shovel and pick on it. Dad wanted to get on it too, but I figured it might overload the frame :ROFL: Drug it a little over half mile in. If you balence everything just right its very easy to pull along.

So, we get to the spot and I wanted to detect some washes before patch hunting. Got the bigger dink out of one of the washes.

Went back to the equipment and started patch hunting. Swinging all over, walking all over! Finally get a signal on the side of the hill and it turns out to be the little dink. Im thinking...yes! a patch!!!
Well, it was a patch....a one dink patch :)
Hunted all over the area but that was the only one.

Pretty amazing when you think about it though, all that country and I got the coil over the little guy.

It was a great day out, weather was awsome and the good Lord blessed us with some more yellow stuff! Beat the skunk :)
Tom H.



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Nice nuggets Toms your on a good non skunk run these days and hope you can keep it up for the outing.

Yup.............good area.

Gonna try to keep it up at the outing. Getin skeered!!!!

May have to get the GB2 6inch to save my hide at LSD :)

Looking foward to it. Good times.

Tom H.

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Whats next Tom, a golf cart with BFG`s on it ? :4chsmu1: Good job Toms on beating the skunk :head:

Thats what im screaming!!!

BFGs.....electric motor...hual my butt up YAH!!! :yesss:

Just wait till I get my gyrocopter going :thumbsupanim

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Nice. You are, indeed, one of the 10%. Congrats.

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Old Tom. Just think of the fun you will have with Jr. up in the air, and you sitting under a shade tree, sippin' on a cold one, and in charge of the REMOTE CONTROL.......

Now that will be something to see !!

Patrick .....

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