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Bail "my daughter" and I had to go turn some valves on the solar pump at the ranch yesterday, we just happened to take the pans and the Old Bounty Hunter along. Found a road that we knew would get us down to a wash.

There was some really cool rock pools we detected in and got some beeping. Also found some quarts veins in the same kind of rock as the pools were formed in, three spots on these veins sounded off.

Going to go back with some long shovels and see if we can get down to the bottom of the material in the pools, I don't think they are more than 3 to 5 feet deep.

I'm thinking, this wash is below a lot of old mines and maybe we will get our first finds. Gotta start some where.

My new Garrett is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, Thank You Bill S. :4chsmu1:

I will also be taking a chisel and hammer w/ some safety glasses and try to get at that quarts vein. :5bat:











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It looks like ya'll had a great time, I sure hope ya'll can get some color from there, looks good if there's gold deposits up the wash, I like your sidearm. :cowboypistol:

Make yourself a PVC hand sucker, use it to suck up the bottom materials in the pools, holes, and crevices that have water and the sucker nozzle will fit into, I would check out the holes, but you may find good material in all of the dry and wet crevices, nature's riffles, you need to get yourself together a set of crevice tools.....

strong prybars for breaking open the crevices, etc.

Hammer and chisel/s you already have

stiff wire

assortment of screwdrivers, I like to bent the tip on 2 to a 90 degree, one bent inline with the thin tip of the screwdriver for a very thin strong rake to get into the thin bottoms of the crevices and one inline with the face of the tip for one a little wider,

long handle teaspoon/s

assortment of brushes to sweep up material


dental picks

a turkey baster is great for sucking out small areas, this will work in dry crevices if you can pour some water into them.

this list can go on, on, just think of any tool, or item that may help break open the crevices and get the deepest material out of them.

Here's a YouTube video (part 1) on how to build a PVC hand sucker, this one is a little more than basic, but you can build a more simpler one that will do the job but it wouldn't have the trap, just think giant syringe, it you go an watch this on YouTube there are related videos to the right you can check out to get some other ideas and then go build one.


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Au Seeker I'm gonna need a bigger back pack :hiker: Bail and I watched the video, we can make that. Thanks for the list of tools!

Bail and I must be naturals at this, we both have our prospecting bags with all kinds of funny stuff in them, the back of my truck

has become a catch all for shovels, picks, a 6' long iron digging bar ect.

My other kids I think Bail and I live to far from civilization and are loosing our minds :nutty: I'm betting every one here understands us LOL.

I'm trying to be a responsible prospector, clean house, pay the bills blaa blaa blaa. Much rather be outside with my Garret, daughter and dogs!!!!

Awesome to have others share in our very excited excitement :ya:

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Hi Penni: Yeah, lots of us have a similar assortment in the beds of our trucks. Be thankful your garage doesn't yet look like some of ours -- full of all kinds of stuff, not to mention what percentage now have become buyer's regrets. It's a fun ride, though. Enjoyed every minute of it and still do. Glad you and Bail are having fun.

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