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What do you think? Pt. 2

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Well, I was finally able to take my suspected iron meteorite outside and get some better pictures. I am not sure if these better photos will help or not, so I am asking if there is someone out there that can do an etching on the window in it for me? I have not been able to find anywhere here in Barstow that I can buy Nitric Acid from, and I only have the one small piece, so driving 40 miles one-way to spend $30 on a bottle of acid that I will only use a few drops of, doesn't make sense to me. I am not asking for this to be done for me for free. I will gladly discuss some sort of compensation for the individual that does it for me.

I sanded the window in it today per the instructions on Ruben's post, and his YouTube video, and I got the window SO smooth that when looking at it with a loupe I could see the reflection of my fingers that were holding it. It is almost a mirror finish. So anyway, here are the pictures taken outside. I really am curious if this is a meteorite or not. Thanks for looking.




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Thank you, Mike. I really appreciate it. We will work out payment details, too!

And my camera sucks...LOL! Went and bought the daylight bulbs from HD and they still wouldn't come out right. Just gonna have to start taking them all outside.

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Chris, you can etch with PC-board enchant from Radio Shack. You can also go to a local jeweler and ask them to put a drip of their 14k test acid on it.

That said, XRF is the way to go. Non-destructive.


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Didn't know about Radio Shack and the jewellers acid. I did, however, talk to a certain someone about shooting it with the xrf, and after looking at the piece in person, he thinks that the piece might be too small to get a reading from. :(

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