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anyone try the Keene dry pan unit ?

H-2 Charlie

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I have used a straw and a bicycle pump and a leaf blower in order to blow the lighter stuff away on bedrock, so I could pick the gold up with tweezers.

Interesting tool. It should work.


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Never underestimate the ingenuity of a miner to figure out how to get that righteous oro puro-Dry panning has been around since the pan was invented as they all do it...John :D

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When I dry pan I use my turbo pan and basically shake and rattle it good and use my fingers to pick out the larger rocks. I do that for a while until I have heavy cons at the bottom of pan, than I just bag it to process at home. Any pan can be used, now I am packing my mini-turbopan when I am out detecting and dry pan spots for future drywashing days in which i use my Keene 12 volt drywasher. The mini turbo pan is around 9.5 inches and is very flat is to pack. Its much smaller than the standard 10" pan. The beauty of the Keene pan kit is that it comes with classifiers and everything fits into a closed compartment with a handle.

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