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Got a specie today!


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Hey all:
Welp dad and I went out today to a new area (where glendale ave goes over the aqua fria) :idunno:
and did some detecting.

Was a nice clean area with minimal trash. Dad went one way and I went the other. Im going up the wash and looking at the bedrock/rocks and such and kind of mumbling to myself that I blew it picking this area.

Volcanics and different type of rocks im not used to. Wasnt finding anything, not even trash for the first 20 mins.
Then I get this signal that im sure is a 45 slug. Pretty loud and sharp.

Dug down 6 inches to bedrock and got it in the scoop.

Once I had it down to a teaspoon im not seeing any yellow except this odd jagged piece of dirty lead.

Well, thats it. I put some water on it and rubbed a little just to make sure it wasnt gold. DOH!

Yellow starts shining through! YEEEHAAA!!!!

First specimen for us :)

Did the usual when you find a nug, slow down go backwards listen for every little warble in the threshold.

Didnt find anymore in that wash. Got some nice bullets though.

Showed dad when we met up at the truck and we went back in with the shovel and GB2.

I dug it out and was rewarded with a awsome #9 birdshot pellet :)

Detected the banks, sides of the hills, the wash again...no brothers, sisters, aunts or uncles!

Now I have to figure out that weighing formula for specimens.

Good time out today and the good Lord blessed us with some gold and a new area to hunt.


Tom H.


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Nice gold, Toms... I think a nice little specimen like that doesn't respond well to the specific gravity test..gets all butt hurt, holds its breath and refusing to be weighed (although sometimes a good licking and some wine works wonders)!!! :oregonian_winesmiley: Cheers, Unc

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Hey guys...tks for the replys.

BD...yup..got the 6 inch..im just not as good as you...YET! :) did use it on some washes on the way out and got some more bird shot. Was kind of fun though. Nice and light and VERY sensitive.

Shep. You gonna make it to any of Bills outings? Would really like to see ya again. Got some more pistachios............just got to keep the squirlls away from them this time :ROFL:

Shay: Well heck if they were thinking it was a bullet...well they missed a nice nug. Dig em all!

Adam...U know were im at...lemme know :200:

Ron: Tks for the heads up on weighing it. Didnt relize I had to drink a bunch before I weighed it :idunno:

Jim: Hopfully you didnt swipe any off!!! Or go back out there and detect you piles. :4chsmu1:

SL nugget....Srry to hear about the skunk...just one more wash you can mark off in the quest.

You know how to get it though. :)

Really looking foward to seeing you guys/gals at Bills outing. Cant wait!!
Tom H.

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:4chsmu1: purdy devil now ain't it. All I got yesterday was a couple a lousy flakes and a 1/2 hour hastle from Fish and Game newbie IGNORANT rangers/cops wtf ya callm'. Did not know squat and everything illegal,till I showed'm a wallet fulla FS/BLM/FW cop cards and told'm to go back to school cause they didn't know squat. Educating a ignorant batch of newly graduated(from what) gun tottn' fools was not on my dance card-John :evil1:

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