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Final Visit to Stewart Valley today + total haul

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Well, me and the family went back out to Stewart Valley today to try to finish up our tray of finds for that area. We are using the Bass Pro Shops tackle storage boxes and each box has 24 available slots. With the 14 that we found last weekend, we only needed to 10 more to finish of Stewart Valley. This time, however, I brought my gold Bug Pro. Last weekend Roy Miller, his son, and myself stumbled across a spot where we found some pretty nice pieces buried in some puffy soil. My 27 gram find from last weekend was from that same spot. I wanted to check it out with the detector to see if I would get lucky...and I did. I pulled 6 more pieces out of that same area with the largest being 19.6g all the way down to 2.8g as the smallest.

To make a long story short since I am exhausted and need to get to bed. Here is the summary for our StV visits.

14 Finds on 1/11/2014

35 finds today (1/18/2014)

Total finds for StV for the two trips = 49 pieces. I will get a total weight tomorrow and edit this post to show the total weight. Here is the picture of our finds for today.


Thanks for looking.


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Excellent work out there cleaning up that spot and filling in those empty slots.

Aloha and stay well,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Great stuff, Chris! Now you've filled up two trays, with 2 small meteorites having to be roommates. Any in-situ photos? If you get yourself a daylight color temperature bulb for the light in your photo it would represent truer colors and not look so yellow. :)

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Chris great haul, glad you got more from the mound. Im packed and headed out tomorrow early, 4 1/2 hour drive, weeeee....


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