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Good time at the GPAA show


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Hey all:
Just a note here............

The GPAA show in Mesa was a good time today.

Met some of the guys I bump into detecitng and was able to connect faces with


Bill gave a really good seminar on hunting gold here in the low lands.

Had a good time.

Tom H.

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Yup ... I have to concur ... Saw a lot of guys and gals I don't get to see very often ... good to see all of you ... AND because this is his forum I have to say that when Kevin Hoagland said to me ... You know this guy don't you ... I had to look twice ... Not sure I have ever seen Bill S without his beard ... I almost didn't recognize you Bill! Good disguise! :200::4chsmu1:


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Yeah but I noticed some of those salt and pepper hairs peeking through. Could it be that he is going to become one of us again? He just don't look right without a beard.

Old Tom

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This guy comes up to my booth at the show with a lady and a young girl roughly 15 or so, and says "hello". Now I meet lots of new guys at the GPAA shows, so its not like I expect to recognize everyone I talk with as someone I have known for years. I honestly didnt know who this guy was, but the guy looks at me and says "You better know who I am".

My mind went blank for a couple seconds and then I had it - it was Bill Southern!

Bill Southern minus the beard and some pounds too, I think.

Hey Bill, it was great to see you, and I hope at one of the up coming GPAA shows we can sit down and chat. Been a lot of water under the bridge for both of us since we last had a chance to talk.

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Great show Saturday. Got to meet Bunk and Mike F for the first time..... I said hi to Bill Southern after class but he was busy looking at my friends rock/pyrite at the foot of the stage and didn't want to impose. Great Lecture you gave Bill.

Chris....wanted to say hi to you too but we left before your lecture. Your book is great by the way :)


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