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Careful Chris. If you tell them I showed you they will deny they are fossils, say you are stealing them, shout that you cleaned them wrong. Then Sawmill will recount how he used to find fossils better than that and that the only thing I know about fossils I learned in school and I have no practical experience.

If you post those fossils and don't mention my name things will be fine.

I don't think they are fosssils anyway. I'm pretty sure that is old decayed agricultural waste or maybe seafood shells dumped out by a local restaraunt....

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Dude there`s no way those are fossils, and they are not cleaned correctly anyway....Probably stolen :D

Fossils are way cool Chris, always neat to imagine what the area you found them in looked like a couple million years ago....I Know a spot in the Anza Borrego where there is fossil sand dollars...really neat stuff

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Those are might fine indeed!!!...

...wait a minute, Bedrock BOB showed you where to find them?!...well sir :old: , then those are just a pile of $#@!,

just kidding :4chsmu1:

...nice finds, and most generous of Bob too!

Edited by bigrex
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The great Sants Fe shattercone huh? What a hoot! I remember the adventure well.

There is a great fossil bed about half way between Chris and I. I convinced him to take a day off from mining to hunt some fossils and shoot the AR. While I had him away from the gold I told him some tales of meteorites. I figured I might get some of that gold fever working toward finding space rocks.

I am checking on him every few weeks and making sure gold fever does not burn him up. I feel somewhat responsible for his condition as I promoted his behavior and tried to give him good advice. I had no idea he would go batshit crazy and start digging up every canyon in Sierra County. I try to divert his attention from gold with fossils when his fever gets dangerously high.

You know how it is though...fossils are just a temporary fix. And getting him looking for meteorites is likely to make it much worse. I feel like I may be a bad influence on Chris.

It is really a vicious cycle of finding neat stuff that Chris is caught up in. I just don't want to approve of behavior that might be unhealthy or obsessive.

Edited by Bedrock Bob
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Yes, Bob is right. Nothing has ever grabbed ahold of me like gold fever has. I thought I had it bad when I first got started. It's just got worse and worse. The more I read ,just about the area I'm in, the more I'm convinced there is some gnarly gold waiting for me around here. There is a local shop where I take my drywasher for parts repairs. I have boasted several times while in there that I drywash more than anyone in Sierra county. So far no one has disputed my self proclaimed title. The guy who fixes the drywasher for me says I have put about 10 years worth of use on it, compared to the rate that most of his customers use it. I bought it last January. When I told him the machine had paid for itself 4 or 5 times over he was pretty impressed. Bob has really added some fuel to the fire. He's taught me some stuff to look for that has sent me back to spots I previously wrote off. I've been coming to realize this is not a phase for me. It's just been sinking its claws in me deeper and deeper. Every dime and spare moment I have goes into hunting gold. I get up when it's still dark in the morning and below freezing and am excited to go to work. That right there is all the proof I need that gold has magical properties. If I was awake for anything else that early I'd be grumpy as hell. Wake me up at four in the morning and tell me were going prospecting and I'll be dressed and ready to leave in about four minutes. Sierra county is my home, and I know there are some amazing secrets waiting for me to find, and not just gold. But lately I've been thinking if I'm going to spend all my time an effort on this then I should be where the most gold is. I'm not sure where that is yet but I will be headed there when I find out.

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Oh yea, about those meteorites. Man I'm afraid what that hobby might do to me, I goggled glorieta palisite the other day. Freaking amazing. Just looking at the pics you can tell your looking at something that was not formed on this planet, a whole different set of rules in another world made it. That is just too cool. I want one so bad....

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