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Here is a cool picture I wanted to share. It was taken by Bob Bradshaw. I think in Jerome. I swear I have seen the guy on the left on this forum. :)

The guy on the left looks like he could be my brother, my beard is much longer now than in the below picture.


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Well i'm playing with pictures so lets see. He has you by a few years but ya'll could be kin. hehe!


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Nope! That's Tom's dad, Tom senior when he was a kid

I'm in the pic on the far left (horse's ass) ;-)

Neat photo!

Dang shep, I thought I had that title. Been called one all my life.

Did you know my old friend "Woody" Woodworth in Coarsegold.

Best wishes!


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One of thems still around....just trimmed up a little nowdays :)
Tom H.


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I dig the crazy part alright, one has to be to do what we do beeping after gold year after year. Tough as nails, well maybe like some of those bent and rusted ones we pick up in the washes, Still I can't think of a better pastime than to be in the great outdoors and to be associated with guys and gals like you. Played Santa again this year and trimmed the beard a little after. Not as impressive as Sheps but keeps me warm out there.

Old Tom

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