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Was out detecting some tailings today for a solid gold fix. Was doing rather well after I got thru all the iron and super hot rocks. Found 6 but only took 3 gold photos. The wild dog must of been frequenting my dig site for my spilled lunch. I looked down the hill and see him walking real slow and taking his time. I made plenty of noise but he still just came walking up the trail to me. About 100 foot from me he slowly took his time and walked up to a small outcrop and just looked at me and laid down in the sun. He laid there for over 2 hours until I had to leave. When I left he perked up and walked very slowly right to my work area to eat any spilled lunch. Guess economic times are even hard for the coyotes this one is on welfare..





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Way to go on the gold :yesss:
I finally got the 6" coil so im going to be looking for micro gold also!
I think the coyote was scoping you out :yikes:

Keep posting!
Tom H.

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