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I have done some Google and Yahoo searches for any information on the fireball/meteor that s responsible for the meteorites that are found on Coyote Dry Lake, but have had no luck. I get plenty of results about the meteorites themselves and their recovery, but nothing on the parent body that produced them. Is there any information on that particular incident? Or is it just one of those "Well, there's meteorites there so there must have been a fireball, but nobody knows when it happened or the details" type of thing? Just wanting to try to learn more about the ones we have found there. Thanks!

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It probably happened thousands and thousands of years ago. Have you checked cave paintings? :)

There's a few members of this forum that are older than dirt so maybe one of them witnessed the fall, I'm close to being one of the ones older than dirt but I wasn't around that area. :idunno:

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I cant find anymore Indian petroglyphs in California, they have all be chiseled out, or some gang banger put his petroglyph on top of it.


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What's cool is that I actually have an area of petroglyphs about 12 miles from my house that are still there. There have been some "modern day Indians" (idiots) who have come along and chiseled their "so and so loves so and so" crap in the rocks, too. But the original stuff is still there.

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Call Alan Rubin at UCLA. I told him I had some friends who might be calling him.

Alan Rubin
Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
University of California
3845 Slichter Hall
603 Charles Young Dr. E
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1567
phone: 310-825-3202
e-mail: aerubin@ucla.edu
website: http://cosmochemists.igpp.ucla.edu/Rubin.html


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