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Great Day At Stewart Valley Dry Lake

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Went to Stewart Valley Dry Lake today with a group of fellow hunters and friends. The group consisted of 9 folks at first, then unfortunately Jason Snyder had to head out early. It was very nice meeting him today. The rest of us were Tom Poole, Roy Miller, Cody Miller, Mike Mulgrew, April Ables, Samantha Coffee, Angel Coffee, and myself. Together we all pulled a total of 36 pieces out of there today (not counting Jason's). Mike had the biggest piece and I had the smallest at 0.5 grams. Everyone there today made a find. It was AWESOME. Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the day with us. We really did have a great time, and looking forward to doing it again soon.

Here is a picture of the finds my family made...14 in all. The weights are as follows:

Chris - 26.8g, 8.2g, 5.5g, 3.7g, 2.9g, 1.6g, 0.5g

April - 9.3g, 4.1g, 0.9g

Samantha - 6.0g, 4.1g

Angel - 1.0g, 0.8g


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Aloha guys,

Looks like you guys had a great day out there. Nice finds!

Aloha and stay well, Stan aka Kaimi

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Another great hunt with a great group of folks! I think this is the first expedition I've been on where everyone found a meteorite. Not just one even, everyone found at least two meteorites, you can't ask for more than that.

The day started off pretty slow for me and I was closing on 10 miles hiked before I made my first find. Despite having outlined a hunt area in the days preceding, like a crazy person I always listen to the voices in my head. That morning they first told me to climb a mountain, then they told me to go waaaaaaaaaaay to the other end of the valley were all the meteorites weren't. After hiking back to the group I grabbed a quick lunch and then started griding an area. I walked to one end of my grid and back, then started the next leg and stumbled across my first find of the day. It was only 1.7g, but I was the last person to find one and I was going to be bummed if I was the only skunk for the day. Turns out after I got home and cleaned it this fragment was showing fusion crust on the top still.


The rest of the group was moving to hunt another part of the playa (successfully!) but I elected to continue griding this area and see what else I could pull out of it. After about 2 more hours of griding, just as the sun was setting, I hit a honey hole and found 7 more. First I found a nice 7.6g stone that still had some fusion crust on it. Finds with crust at StV are way less common than the little weathered fragments, so I was stoked.


I buttoned everything up from documenting that find and like 20' away I found 6 more clustered around a dead bush (5 + scale cube are visible in the photo below). It was probably the roots of this bush that brought them to the surface.



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Man, it was so cool to hear you over the radio repeatedly saying, "I found one." "Found another one." "And another one."...LOL! You truly deserved that haul after the 8 miles you hiked all day. I would not have felt right leaving if you had not made a find, but with that hole you made SURE that your find for the day was covered. I was absolutely flabbergasted to hear you say that my boot prints were not more than 10 feet away. I guess I just got to moving too fast. Can't wait to do it again!

Thank you Stan, Mitchel, and Adam. As you have probably guessed, Adam, I have taken a liking to the meteorite hunting. We have done really well so far. I know that this kind of luck wont last forever...but at least it is working right now and we are actually finding something. :ROFL:

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Maybe they were 15 feet away, I'm glad you were looking the other direction when you walked through. I've done the same thing, I have several examples where my gps tracks pass within a stone's throw (pun intended) of someone else's finds. :)

Having found all those meteorites in close proximity I was sure they'd fit back together. At dinner on the way home I was able to fit 4 of them together. Since getting them home and cleaning them I was able to add one more. There's still one from the clump I found around the bush that I'm not able to line up.


It's also possible/likely that April's largest find (in Chris's photo above) fits into this puzzle, or that is fits with my second find; they were all found in the same general vicinity and all display the same fusion crust. We tried to fit it in at dinner with no luck, but I think I'd like to try again with them cleaned up.

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Mike, Chris and family,

Congrats on a "stellar" day of meteorite hunting. Everyone had nice finds. Mike, your

puzzle-stone reminds me on many Franconia finds. It's great that you can reassemble

them again. THanks for sharing the pics and the story.


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Nice finds for everyone, I am glad its still producing meteorites.


I have hiked many a times into those hills trying to find the path of the fallen at that dry lake, with no success. One time we went there, I believe it was with Jason, there was a couple of university vans parked on the SE part of the lakebed, and they had everyone searching the hills for something. I have not tried searching the hills on the SE part of the lake yet...


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