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Garrett ATX in stock NOW!

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Hahahaha how many 5+ ozrs do ya see on a regular basis. Use a 1/2 dwt nugget and see whatz really up in a test as this test really proves nuttn' . I'm lookn' for a water unit myself currently. Looks like new minelab vs ATX are the frontrunners and you sell'm both Bill,cool-John

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HJ I haven't seen any test results on the Minelab 2300 but I have tried the ATX down here. That big DD coil that comes with it will nail small nuggets. It's not in the class of the Fisher Gold Bugs on little nugs but then what PI is?

Another thing I like about the ATX is the fact Garrett has three different coils for it, the stock 12" DD and the 8" mono and the 20" mono.

I gotta be careful that I don't fool around and talk myself into buying one!!!! :th:

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Looking like a fine machine at this point. Garrett has a super back up on support and Maintenance. Ok, Does not have the Rep of a 5000 but it just opened up. Less then half the Price of the 5000 I'm thinking it is going to be a Winner. I think this is just a toned version of there mine detector.

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