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Howdy Gents,

Been a while, busy with the new dealership. Anyway, bought a house up here in Carson City area. It backs up to BLM land. The whole week we were moving in I thought I could see signs of mining on the hill behind me. Couldn't stand it anymore and headed out on new years day. Turns out the area is littered with old diggin's. Had a great time beepin for the first time since May. Even the boot tacks and square nails were exciting since it had been so long. Didn't find any nuggets, but got to thinking about it after... Not sure this area has nugget gold. Might have all been smaller. Anyone know if there has been any successful nugget shooting in the Carson area? Anyone up in this area that wants to take the "new guy" in town out for some detecting, give me a shout.



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Did you check to see what history there was in the area? Gold, silver? Did you check if it was claimed or open for detecting?

I thought most of the mining in that area was for silver...

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Head north on 50 towards Moundhouse,as you go uphill,on your right is Brunswick canyon road. In short order your on the carson river,hang a left and go down to where the rr tracks cross the river. LOTS of mercury everywhere as massive millions of pounds of mercury storage containers blew out there uphill. NOT a real placer area hardrock dominates. Small gold in the VC highlands but stay away from Carson canyon west hills area as CC gets some of their water from there and monitored by camera and you WILL get visited by sheriff quick like. Carson River placers small nuggets but mercury all over,never EVER eat fish and even going into the river was banned as they even cancelled the CC raft race I sponsored for years in the 80s due to mercury. Pools just under the gravel and dredging verboten also. Great trail along the river to Lahonton but alas same dire mercury warning about water and fish. Some tiny gold by fernley ,the Pyramid Placers,stay off the Rez as mean sobs trouble. Truckee goldless thang,go up 80 towards truckee as Freud had some tiny nuggets too. Lotza history buy because of huge mining ops lots of private property-lotza luck-John

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Beau stay on path..no crossing washes when the sun is going down! LOL....let me know when you find some color and I will make a road trip

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