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if gold has NO magnetic properties then ?????

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I brought a superconductivity kit one time but I could never get ahold of some liquid nitrogen. Would have been neat to try it.

You can get it at most industrial gas outfits. It is cheap.

Praxair or Airgas is a sure bet. Any welding gas supply can get it if they dont have it.

Find out who maintains the ammonia refrigeration systems on the supermarkets in your area. Call them and ask for a thermos bottle full and they will probably fill it for free.

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I used to get it at the local welding shop. They would just pour it into a thermos for me, probably not the safest thing but oh well. The one I had trouble finding was liquid helium, the school was the only place that had it and they wouldn't sell it to me for safety reasons.

No problem lending me a 12kv laser power supply though, which I promptly shorted across my arm and came to a second later laying on the floor.

The more dangerous something is the more fun it is, sure seems. I still have a large bank of 450v pulse capacitors and some SCR's from freight trains in my garage, some experiements waiting to happen.

Edit: hmm...maybe the worlds most powerful PI detector. The FCC would just love me when I run that thing. :arrowheadsmiley:

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If you want a very small quantity of something under pressure to cool things or freeze the skin they have the small bottles of dimethyl ether and propane at the drug store. They are common wart removers but they are designed to freeze a little sponge but maybe you could modify it.


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I think our friend Jason has gone a bit past "beep beep". He is planning some eddy currents that you can surf on.

If you see him out there with a locomotive switchgear on his back and a large capacitor strapped to each leg give him a wide path.

Take it easy on the conductive jelly body lotion and the ferrite infused energy drink Jason.

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