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Another trashy day


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Went out yesterday to a gulch spot. I chose this particular spot because most of the gulch was narrow and then widened out and it looked liked bedrock may not be too deep where the gulch widened so I hit it hard.


I told myself if there is gold here I am going to find it. I spent the day detecting every square inch of this spot. There were two small benches on the sides of the gulch. I moved dead cactus and bushes growing on the benches.

In the stream I moved rocks and took my time swinging. Bedrock was about 8" deep in the stream and I found a couple bullets and fragments laying on bedrock. The fragments were a quiet signal and got louder when I dug down. Found lots of wire laying near the surface.


On this portion of exposed bedrock I found 8 metal balls that look like old bearings or large buckshot. They were in perfect riffles that caught them just like gold would.


Alas, no gold. I am actually surprised I didn't find more trash than this. When I found the horseshoe I thought it was my lucky day :D . But no... :grr01: Oh well, maybe next time!


These pictures are for Tom H. I am trying to get him to dust off his riding boots and hit some trails with me. :brows:

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