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Looking for a reciever

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Have one with a Bulged barrel but looking for a New Barrel. Never use Federal . One spudded and second did the damage. What You building? It's in a Folding Butler stock is the only reason I want to correct it.

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For what they are there one hell of a .22! I've had three and ended up giving them to my sons. Never Ever had a problem except the Squib Round in the one I talked about. FEDERAL! Thunder Duds. I've shot well over 1000 rounds through one before cleaning and they never even Hick Up. Shot Ammo I had in my pants pocket for two months and they ate that too. Coyote problem here and keep them with me at all times. .22 is by the front door. That's my young ones Henry Mini Bolt . Another good rifle.

If you ever look up 10/22 on You tube there is a pile of good stuff. Nothing bad about them. They even have a Zombie Killer with two Lasers, and three flash light on one.

My dad had a Twin Gatling Gun he got in trade one time. He did like he always does , showed it off at the Range and traded it off for the New Toy. Man, you could go through both 25 round mags in less then 7 seconds. If you replaced the Hand crank with a Sewing machine motor (NOT R22 Compliant) it would RIP~ Both Barrels converged at the 100 yard mark on a paint can. Only way to see the fun was to fill the can with sand so it didn't walk over the berm.

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