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Went to Dale today


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And got skunked. :cry2:

But at least I was able to bring two of my best Xmas presents with me and try them out.

Has anyone had luck out there?



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I found my first piece of gold out there about 3 years ago and I found 2.5 grams in November. The next day a 6.2 gram nugget was found near on the PCSC claim.


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Been skunked all month, but one week of it I had a cold :cry2:​ , the other snow and only been out maybe 5 times. Heading out today for a few hours , never know when you get to beat that skunk. :5bat: .hope it's today. Nice toys...

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Thanks. She drove real nice. No problems. Didn't even have to put her into 4WD Low.

I think next time I go to Dale, I will stay over night. It was an all day affair, coming in from Simi Valley CA.

The ATX, worked great. It ground balances out the hot rocks real well; to the point where you won't pick up a stony meteor. A bit heavy, and you have to use the sling for sure.

Found some nice blue copper rocks too.

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