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Hello everyone!

I just joined this forum and wanted to introduce myself and say Hi!

My name is Shay. I am fairly new to prospecting and have been at it for a couple years now and detecting in Arizona for a year or so.

I have only been out around a dozen times detecting between Arizona and Colorado where I used to live, but with work slow for a couple months I will be able to get out more.

I've pulled out a lot of trash, large and very small. However I am still lookin for that first nugget detecting.

I am running a ML SD2200V2 and I am also lucky to have an Original Gold Bug my wifes father found at garage sale for next to nothing.I sent it to Fisher for a tune up and they had to replace the on/off switch now its good to go.

I think these forums are a great way to learn and meet some people that are as crazy for finding gold as I am. I like to post my adventures and hopefully pick up some tips from all you veterans along the way.

Good luck to everyone out there hunting for gold! and,

Thanks to everyone that shares thier finds! Hopefully I will be soon! :)


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Welcome to the forum!
There are a great bunch of guys here and will help. Me too.

The 2200V2 is a good machine.

Wish I had the bike going so I could follow you in first gear! :)

GL to ya out there..

Tom H.

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Welcome Shay. You have found a great place to learn.

I recently got a SD 2200 and found my first nugget about a month ago. I have complete confidence in that machine.

Don't be shy, ask away with any questions you may have. The folks on this forum are more than willing to help out.

Patrick .....

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