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Freezing & Wet Nugget Hunt...


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A while back, Boulder Dash and I teamed up for some serious recon :reading: . Many, many miles were hiked :hiker: (no exaggerating) despite the sub freezing temperatures , and even a day of rain. Somehow we still managed to find gold in just about every area we explored :brows: After it was all said and done, we both came out with a fair number of pieces and an insight into possible new areas. :inocent:

Stopped by boulder dash`s camp, He prefer`s to sleep under a blanket of ice apparently :nutty:



It was tough at times and tiring after many nugget-less washes, but we persevered with a couple few grams each.... :oregonian_winesmiley:

Mine on the lower, his upper.....


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We have done it that way for years but no more. My bones won't take it anymore. One thing I can say my friend is that you fellas are like the postman,

'You Always Deliver'. Good on ya guys.

Old Tom

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Eeewww...Im sorry but that is just WRONG!..

Humans were not made to sleep like that...well BD aint close to human with his left arm being a GB2 :)

Man, you guys are tougher then boot tacks!

Glad you got some yellow out of it and found new areas.

I hear its nice and warm at the new BD sunbaker patch :)
Lemme know when you want to go!

Tom H.

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