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Headed to The Hammers next weekend...


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Those that don't know, The Hammers is the Johnson Valley OHV Area between Yucca and Lucerne Valley in Commiefornia.

From my past reading, there is gold to be found in the northern areas of the place, and there was an active claim in there last time I looked.

While I am going for race car testing and tuning, I think I'll take along my ML and swing it over some not-often hit hillsides and washes while there. I shoukd be abke to cover some good ground by pushing the car between areas, no? 100mph in the desert goes by quick like :)

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Up off of Bessemer Mine Road there are 5 sections up there that have active placer claims. In the northern most area a couple of sections have lode claims. These are up there where you think they are.

Good luck with the hunt.


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We go in on Boone road off Old Woman Springs, but I do know where Bessemer Mine rd is.

I have the CA claim maps for Google Earth, will take a look this weekend and plot to my GPS so I don't wind up on the wrong end of the barrel. May look up owners and ask permission. Worst they can do on the phone is say no.

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