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Nugs were popping up like popcorn!


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YEEEHAAA!!! :wee:

What a day out today. Dad and I went up to the wash that Boulderdash and dad and I hit last week. I went back into the area the BD said I should take the PI in as it had some deep spots.
Well, 5 min. into the wash dad pops a nug that was under a big rock. Pretty shallow. He beat me out of the gate this time :) I start hitting the deeper spots but not getting much. Started hooking and throwing debris and dead cacti out of the wash and get one of the nice big flat guys. We worked the wash all the way to the head and pulled out about 8 nugs. All were in the bedrock and had to be dug out with the pick. The bedrock in this wash was a fine shcist that breaks apart like clay. Some were 3 inches down in the stuff. Im thinking its formed there as all the nugs in this wash were flat and smooth like they were sandwiched inbetween.

Hopped over to another wash that parreleled the one we were in. Started at the top and worked down. Not getting anything for about 50 yards and then they started.......all of the fatter chunky guys were in this wash. Found a real nice patch that I pulled 5 out of. Went another 40 or so yards and got two more...these were more of the flat stuff.

The chunky ones were a bear to get out. The bedrock was different. It was like fractured rock and I worked for them! Suckers were down in there good.

Total weight 6.2 grams

Found a odd rock formation on the side of the wash....I think its a ancient sun dial or something :)
Also found a cool piece of copper ore with a quartz blob in it. No other ones to be seen anywere. Just on the side of a hill all by its lonesome.

Found a old bottle im guessing from the 30s? It says "federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle" On the bottom is R 466

It has some kind of white powder in it. I tasted it and I cant see now and my hands are numb ohmy.png

Well, it was a great day out and the good Lord blessed us with some gold!!


Tom H.







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Thats odd that Sun dial with the bull quartz on top is the exact spot I found my large Sun baker. Wonder if there is a pattern forming.

Wouldn't you know it the patch already has a name. It has been christened Wade's Sun Baker Patch.

Old Tom

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Kelly, the key is Dad! Anyone can find a wash, pop nuggets out all day. Pop does it with finesse

Just say'n, Shep

He does seem to be my good luck charm :)

Doing dang good for a 80 year old bud!

Tom H.

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What a great day of beepster!!!!! That's what it's all about T&OT .... Way to go and hit those benches sides and ridge tops ... I'm guessing you've just scratched the surface! ... Cheers, Unc

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