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Merry Christmas Everyone..........

Uncle Ron

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A happy HO-HO-HO to all of you in the freezer.....here in the tropics at 0730 it's a chilly 73° with high clouds overhead....

great beeping weather but being a grand-pa and spending Christmas with my two "little nuggets" was more rewarding then all the gold in the world.


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G'Day Everyone

Wishing a Merry Christmas to all the great members on this forum and hope that the day is filled with family and friends and the liquid amber flows and the food is aplenty and that 2014 bring you lots of nuggets'

Thank you Bill for this forum


Johnno & Kat

P.S. I will be glad when this year is over

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Merry Christmas to you all! :)

Happy Birthday Jesus :)
I got some new snake gators....dont have to wear one made out of cardboard anymore!
Tom H.

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Happy Holidays to All, and a special Thank You to Bill Southern for being who he is and providing this gathering place.
Many friends have been made thru these gold forums and much information has been shared over the years.
May the New Year provide us all with more of the enjoyment that we have had in the past from this great interest in Gold Prospecting and the history
that has shaped it.
And add even more friendships for everyone to enjoy. . :yesss::thumbsupanim:head:

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Not the Religious sort but happy Christ Mass to those that are. Believe in your God or your self and be Strong. Hope the new Year is better then the last and Never Give up Hope of Tomorrow.

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Yes , Happy Holidays to you all, whatever you celebrate!! Thank you Bill Southern for providing a forum for us all to share our love for nugget-hunting and prospecting. Wishing all my forum friends a safe & happy New Years !


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