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My First Picker

Joe Z

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WooHoo :ya:

Finally after a year i found my first Picker while crevicing in the Black Canyon City area...... My seven year old grandson and myself got out for a few hours today so i left the metal detector home and showed him how to crevice...... to be honest i think it was him that got it. the smaller stuff is what i found in the past. That kid was smiling ear to ear.



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Nice job keep at it

You remember me? I met up with you at carefree hwy and bought the mini sluice off you? I still remember holding those gold laden quartz you had. That was great :)

Thanks Adam..... Will definitely be going back there as it's only about 20 minutes from my house...... My 7 year old grandson really has the fever and watches "askjeffwilliams" all the time and even talks like him

Today is one thrilling day for us............

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Joe Z,

Nice find.

Does the Black Canyon city area have the river flowing enough to use a sluice?


Yes...... there was plenty enough water flowing where i cross it off the table mesa rd exit.... Hope all is well with you Chris

And thank you everybody for your nice words..... Merry Christmas to everybody :D

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Thanks Bill,

A while back while on my way to Max's (Gilauro's house) i tried to find your shop but forgot where it was. see ya next time.


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