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Anyone else interested in home gardening?

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:old: I noticed some years back ( I think it was 1923) that a perforated drain line( with fabric "sleeve"), buried in gravel and wrapped up in weed cloth invigorates plants.

I guessed added air and increased ability to respire allowed for a larger rootzone and stronger taproot at depth.

All that weed cloth isn't important - unless you want to keep your drain clear from marauding tree roots

Similarly, 3" perf. pipes( sleeved and screened at the top) can be sunk 2' -3' deep , vertically,on 2 or more sides, next to orchard trees(2- 3' away).

The results manifest in very vigorous plants.

The french drain at the root :idunno: of this simple observational truth was of the flexy black corrugated plastic species and 3' deep. There was gravel all the way to the surface above it( and a smattering of soil and debris that normally accumulates on topof gravel walkways over time.)

AS such, a self-sown Dill seed had taken root in the surface from a previous year's planting. It grew to 11' high and produced heads over a foot across.

Another year, a Cherry ( self-sown, again) had taken root in another area of nearby gravel with the drain only a foot deep- it grew over the eaves of the house( yes I was stringing up the vines.)

It was quite bushy in all other directions. We didn't lack for tomatoes -easily over 40 pounds over 3 seasons.

Last year, it happened again about 5 feet away from the drain in an area that I had never amended, nor grown anything by design.

I named it "Big Cherry" as it must have crossed with some other larger tomatoes.

I did not plant it. I just nurtured it along when I found it growing among the weeds.

I saved a bunch of seed from the best fruit. fermented off the pulpy seed coat, rinsed ,dried and now prepped for long storage.

THe tom is still growing, though a little hungry trying to push too many blossoms. It's easily 8' high and almost twice as wide- though not at ground level. THe cherries have been abundant and delish ,though now it is quite idled back due to the season and chilly nights down in the 50's... warm dry santa ana days for weeks , now.

The trunk is about 1.5" diameter near ground level.

Zone 11a , hereabouts.


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We have had all sorts of gardens. The most fun are raised beds, you make them pretty much anywhere. If you use good soil, water well and don't have too many varmints, you can grow all kinds of great f


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We have some sort of garden every year. Every spring we stop in at a local green house, we'll spend bout 10 bucks there an that gets us bout a dozen or so different pepper plants an a couple seed packets. Green beans an carrots are growed from seed. This year we got those an we have an union an potato patch then sweet red bell peppers, yellow sweets, jalapeno's, an for the first time some chile's an a ghost pepper plant. Here's a small pile of stuff got picked Tuesday 22nd.


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Ok, just picked a few more 20 mins. ago. Every 2-3 days we pick anything that's ready. Ifn anybody round here wants a few ghost peppers, Id be happy to send you a few, theys startin to pile up

an I ain't sure what to do with so many except to feed em to unsuspecting alcoholics. :evil1:


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