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First Detecting Trip


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Well I finally got out with my gmt for the first real time. Took some time to tell the difference in sounds, but it's coming quickly to me.

Found lots of trash at the first site. At the second place I only spent twenty minutes or so, but I found gold!!

Needless to say I'm hooked and hope to find more tomorrow.

Full report and pics to follow.

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Common.....show some pics...:)
Glad ya got some yellow stuff.

Tom H.

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Back from my two day detecting trip. Lets just say I don't think I could have started out any better. Gold on the first day and even more on the second.

I went to a little area that I have been researching, and as expected it hadn't been worked at all, at least by a detector. Lots of evidence of old workings in the area, but no modern human trash.

It was great to get out and really get to see what the GMT could do, and learn the subtle differences in sounds between iron targets, gold, and hot rocks.

Final gold total. One piece the first day (left side of the pic) and six on the second day. Not sure how much it weighs.

One question for GMT users. What does it sound like when your coil is over a larger piece of gold? More like an iron target in terms of signal intensity?






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Nice research and beepin Congrats.
The GMT will signal stronger audio (ZIP) the larger the piece depending of course on initial "depth" of target.
A large deep piece may be a quieter signal depending on conditions and of course the more overburden removed the stronger the signal.
Your nuggets remind me of a patch that I detected over 60 similar pieces from with my GMT and that was definitely Hot Ground
I was running the GMT full bore on sat and gain and she still zipped clearly even with all the mineralization and high gain chatter Great Detector.
Hapy Huntn Keep up the good work.

Edited by frank c
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