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Final Tally From Coyote Dry Lake

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Well, we visited Coyote Dry Lake for the last time today. We will eventually go back, but we have covered probably 85% to 90% of the lake bed over the last 4 weeks, and just aren't finding enough anymore to make it worth going there so frequently from now on. Along with a great collection of meteorites, we found some great people to hunt and hang with. Mike, Richard, Roy, and Tom, you guys are awesome and we truly hope to continue to hunt with you in the future. You have taught us a lot and helped us in so many ways. We are forever grateful.

Over the course of the 4 weeks that we hunted CDL at least 3 times a week, we pulled out 1 pound 2 ounces of meteorites. The very first find for our family was made by my daughter on Nov. 17th and weighed in at 45g. From that point on we were finding at least one piece on every trip, until this past Sunday when we got skunked, and then again on Monday. My darling April has found the most pieces, and hers are most of the bigger ones (13g to 26g). She is one hell of a hunter. She never gives up and was out with us on two occasions where she had just got off from a graveyard shift not but two hours prior to us arriving on the lake bed. Kudos to you, girl! My wife Samantha has been out helping us as well, and she found a couple of small ones herself. The biggest piece found was found by me while hunting with Richard (kgmrg) and Roy on Dec. 9. It weighed in at 282.2 grams.



It was laying right on top of the ground and is heavily oxidized. I first saw it from a distance of about 50-60 feet and was going to keep right on walking because it looked just like a rusty old tin can. After about 5 steps something told me to stop and just go check it out. So I walked over to it and poked it with my meteorite stick and WHAMO....it stuck real good. So I peeled it off of my magnet and looked at it. It was very heavy for its size, but I thought "No way is this a meteorite. It just can't be". So I decided to file a window in it. As I am hunched over filing away, I hear Richard come over the radio. "Well, do ya got one?" he says. I reply, "No, I don't think so!" because I still felt it wasn't. After filing the window I notice the same silver flakes and specks in it that have been in every other meteorite we have found on the lake bed. I didn't get a real good window in it at first, and I took it over to Richard to have him inspect it for me. Upon inspection he said it could be one, but he just wasn't sure because he didn't see the kind of metal flakes he wanted to see in it to be certain. He said to keep it and try to put a better window in it, so I did. After arriving home I began to slowly file a better window, then hit it with some 600 grit wet/dry paper. After about 15 minutes I got this to show up real good in pics....


I am going to have it tested to be certain, but so far every one of the guys agree that it is a meteorite. Even Richard told me today that he feels comfortable saying it is after seeing the piece again after I put the better window in it. But he still is cautious to say yes until I can get it tested and know for sure. And I completely understand and respect that. Better to err on the side of caution and be safe than to jump in and get burned. After comparing it to all the others I am certain that it is. And if it isn't, then I would like to order a side of humiliation to go with my main course of crow. :brows:

I have covered every inch (literally) of the surrounding 1000' in every direction from the location I found this one and have found nothing else. I kicked over and dug up every little speck of rock that I could see hoping to find another piece...but it's just not there. So now it is time for me to find someone who can cut this for me to send off to UCLA for classification. It is probably going to be a piece of the same fall that has already been classified, but I just want to know for sure. So here is a photo of the collection of pieces that we pulled out of there between Nov. 17th and today. A total of 548.2 grams.


Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a very happy holiday season!!

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Very nice haul for you and the family. Wait till the next big rain, and more will pop up.


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Great summary, Chris! After 3 years of visiting Coyote I am stoked to walk away with one little 19g find, my piece of the Coyote Dry Lake saga.

On to the next location...


Thanks, Mike! We did okay out there, partner. Glad you got your 19g piece. Looking forward to hitting some new and different places. I need the experience. If every meteorite on earth looked like those from CDL, I would be set. But I need to get out there and lay my eyes on some different types. Just ordered the book "Rocks from Space" so I'm hoping that it will help me in my learning efforts.

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