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This stuff is all over here at my 40 acre place in SE AZ. Is there a market for it?





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Look like weathered geodes to me. I actually have a few I picked up between Duncan and Bisbee more than a few years ago! You could probably get a few bucks at a flea market or farmers market. Small crystals, clear white, sugar or druzy tend to be a spur of the moment purchase after the person has handled it a bit. You might get a quarter to a third inline of what you can get in person. Say $5-10 in person and $1-3 online.

That being said, you could probably make more money charging people to collect on your property!

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Got soooo darn excited that I got a reply I grabbed my jacket and ran up the hill for a few more shots of what's coming up out of the

ground around here.

Really you can charge people to pick up mineral and rock on your land, awesome :) As much material as there is here at my place I might become wealthy selling the geodes alone for 1$ each there's a lot of them.








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You up near the Geronimo trail? If you're near Bisbee, there is a fella that posts on the MCRocks forum named Dave Owen that has a jewelry store in town -- and he's an avid rock hunter all over southern arizona. He would no a lot more about the local market than I do!

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I'm near Morenci AZ, Coronado trail leaves Morenci heads north into Alpine then Springerville my birth place. I basically live about 30 minutes from any thing other than

yotes, cactus, bees. wasps, and well you know. My husband is in Africa working on a rotation that allows him to be home about 5 times a year. I have been collecting rocks since I can remember but raising 5 kids I kinda just filled coffee cans and other various containers with the things I'd find here and there over the years. I actually worked in the Morenci mine for 3 years and found a love of Crystal in doing so. Broke my heart when they simply dozed over huge crystal rock bigger than my pretty big coffee table. Would give my left pinky finger to have a rock like that in my front yard to sit on. I've got some pretty cool fire agate that I got years ago on Sandra Day O'connors ranch that she grew up on. My understanding is it is an official rock hounding area and I visited it some 12 years ago. It is leaving Duncan AZ heading to Lordsburg NM several miles and on the right you see the entrance to the ranch. Any how got ahead of my self today and posted some minerals that I brought back from the DRC. Hope that didn't break some rule or some such. I don't spend much time around other people so some times....... Would like to be able to participate and share, learn.

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Well, you're talk'n to a guy that grew up seven miles out of a town of 400 folks in the high cascades of oregon where I used to get HS PE credit for riding pro-rodeo, so I know what it's like! Am now a long haired californicator living in berkeley and working with at-risk and in-risk youth in an economically challenged community a little north of where I live.... and run away like my hair is on fire for mountains/deserts/rocks every chance I get.

I've spent more than a little time in your neck of the woods over the years - the first visit was in 1980 after fishing in SE Alaska for four months -- and seeing more rain than I'd ever seen in my life, even though I'd spent more than a few winters in the Willamette Valley! Bought a motorcycle in SF and spent forty days bouncing over every dirt road between tombstone, Duncan and the Dragoon mountains.

Funny you should mention the DRC. I have a friend that founded an org called the Global Viral Forecasting Initiative and she works with the folks living in the bush of DRC and Cameroon studying animal to human disease transmission vectors..... canNOT get her to bring home intersting rocks, but I'm work'n on it.

Thanks for the tip on Sandra Day OC's ranch. I'm likely to be driving that road between Duncan and Lordsburg shortly after xmas. Might check out some of the fire agate in the hills NE of there. I expect to be in Bisbee around the 27th, then heading out. There's a fella with a jewelry store there that has promised some hand drawn maps to secret locations if I stop by, so I might get sidetracked from the fire agate run ;)

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Wow it is a small world I too lived in SE Alaska, Seward to be precise. Did a lot of canoeing, fishing, hiking. used to hike thru the woods porta canoeing from lake to lake and never see another human other then my side kicks the whole time. Ate lots of Silver and King salmon along with Moose in those days.

Lived at Rainbow and Moose pass as well. Spent 8 years up there total so no sourdough :) I still have a tiny amount of gold I panned near bear glacier.

Your friend in DRC now that is commendable work, very important for us to know what's at work in our Jungles around the planet. Saw an outbreak of Ebola virus in Lubumbashi and had to close the hut up no one in no one out for a couple of weeks, had my two daughters there with me and couldn't take the risk! Do you know what Provence shes in?

Im going back in a few months will be in the Katanga Provence.

I will most likely be moving back for a couple of years as soon as I get my 18 year old weaned, will be taking my gold detector with.

Did you check out the minerals I posted from DRC, wish I could put a name to them, might need to post better pics.

I'm pretty certain secret maps would side track me from just about anything:D Good Luck!

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