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leaf blower question...

Jim Gilmore

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I set mine in a large rubber type storage box about 5 inches deep or so with a couple of rocks to keep it from moving around too much. Also helps keep the gas from spilling on the ground when I add gas and some of the dust out.

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BB a piece of equipment is only as good as the operator. Preventive maintenance is the key phrase. Now I wish I had installed an hr meter.

P.S. I can buy 4 blowers or more for the price of a Honda four stroke and go back up to key phrase That honda won't last 150 hrs if not properly maintained :4chsmu1:

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That's a good idea Sawmill.

The best idea I've seen was use a bungee to suspend it between bushes and thow a piece of shade cloth over the bushes.

I also know a fellow who uses an old dome tent.

An industrial duty four stroke and high static blower costs about a hundred bucks more than the Echo. It will last many, many years longer. It blows a LOT more air, is quieter, and more reliable than any leaf blower. For a pittance more a fellow can get an air plant with a 100% duty rating.

Most fellers look at an ounce of gold and realize they used op a leaf blower getting it. I've never seen one last if they are run constantly in hot dusty conditions. Just my two cents. I've had much better economy and performance out of the larger equipment designed to be run all day.

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I use one of those fold out, collapsible plastic square bins. My 2-speed Toro electric leaf blower (about 20 years old now and still running just fine) nests in it. A small carpet is placed beneath the plastic bin to keep dust at a minimum. At the end of the day the carpet, screwdriver, wrench, extension cord -- everything -- is packed out in the plastic bin and stored therein until the next trip. Extremely quiet operation with Honda 2000i generator positioned 50' upwind.

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