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My 2014 plans are coming....

Jim Gilmore

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The other day I got a lead on a gold exorcist. Now I know there is a lot of pro and con on this machine...

But here is the plan.... My club has 2 gold claims...1 is a bit better in hat there is a lot more visible gold there. I have over the last few months been posting photos from the finds there.

But that claim suffers from being further away from the main road. And while you do not need a 4 wheel drive. It is now neccessarily an easy location to get to or is the digging easy.

The second location has a lot of very fine gold ,is east to get to and is quite a bit closer to the main road.

I have a lead on a exorcist and blower and hose for $200.

My plan is to use the 1/8 screen I have that I can shovel in to buckets and fill 10 buckets and then run them to see how I do. Hoping that the Exorcist does as well as The puffer I was using before the ole yeller, but gives me less material to pan.. This is a photo of my typical pan

i'd have after screening out the plus 20 material.


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Bolder dash.. I'm confused by the statement your posting ??? Is the fact that I am posting somethinng that I am doing Upsetting You.

I am only stating that for $200 I get to try out a tool that some love and others do not.

Whats funny is that the guy I was talking to today in the mining shop said the location I hunt id played out... Theres no gold there...

He did have very nice pieces he recover that he had on display at he shop . Buy it was all much larger that the normal finds I have...

But for me I'm happy making some number of grains a day....I said grains not grams....

The photo above was what I was finding about 2 years ago and I had to go to NY to care for my mom...

But I am positive that both the pile of dirt I was working is both there and unworked..

The pan was 1 of several I would get on a trip. It consisted or just the minus 20 and plus 100 material from my original drywasher.

And I would average running 8-12 (5 gal) buckets of <1/8 material a day in my drywasher. That would give me abount 1 and a half gallons of material to pan.

Earlier this month I was talking to a guy whom was a member of the 49's club that has an adjacent claim in the same area. He also uses an exorcist.

I am ot saying that the exorcist ir great..good or anything... I am just stating what I am planning on using it for an why.

I am not saying your opinion is wrong ....nor did I even imply that. So I'm not sure why your answer seems so vehement towards MY PLAN,

The exorcist has a few features that seem to be able to work for me. and for $200 I am going to try it out.

It came with a weedeater fl1500i which seems to need a little work.

Not beyond my abilities.

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Go with whichever best fits your needs. Like you said there is a lot of pros and cons on the gold exorcist. I have the Keene 140 drywasher and love it! You would be amazed at the fine gold it catches. The 140 is a little pricey unless you find good deal on a used one. One of the things I like about it is I can just shovel straight into it instead of having to classify the material first.

Best of luck!

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