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Update from the Q! With pics :)


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Hey all:
Well, got back safe and sound from the Q. First off let me tell you this...if you didnt go...you missed a AWSOME time!! The weather was perfect. Cool at night but T shirts during the day. Just a slight breeze and quite ground.

Met up with Shep, Tom, and Wade. Shep was popping nuggets like popcorn! He had two 1/4 ozrs..I think and then his specie. Dern pic didnt come out good on that specie. But, its laced with gold. Its a beaut.

Wade was dinkster diving and got about 7 of them. He always finds gold

Tom unfortunatly didnt find any yellow stuff.

Me, well, I found gold but not in the nugget form :)
Was mostly hitting the hills and benches and I found this up about 5 feet out of a wash where someone was drywashing a long time ago. Odd broken signal.

I put some nitric acid on it tonight and it didnt go blue so im pretty sure its gold. Weighs out at 5.7 grams.

Not bad even if its 14 carat.

Found a lot of Pualin Weavers boot tacks. Its all good because I was getting over areas others had not.

Shep brought his "dog turd" nugget so we could act all stupid and he even let us hold it. I think it was like 12 oz. It was unreal to say the least!

On Sat. we ate like little piglets. John and Jane were camped just west of us for the winter and it was his 83rd birthday. AMAZING! hes still out there hitting the hills and enjoying life. Very knowledgable guy as he helped me identify some rock that I found.

Would like to give another thanks to Jane for the fantastic meal we had.

I have learned to really like the bungy cord now. Once I figured out how to detect with it.

The 24 inch coil glides around nicely with that on the detector Heck....today I was using it on the 17" coil cuz my arm was wore out.

Found a old copper mine with a 3 walled house and a lot of handstacking.

It was a really great time out with friends.

Enjoy! Hope you can make the next one............ADAM!!! :P
Tom H.














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It looks like you guys know how to put on nice table fare. Sure wish I could have made it :cry2: Tom did that gold come out of the vein like that :th: I guess you saved face by finding some gold, regardless :4chsmu1: Who`s this Wade guy ? He must be the one with the long beard ? :old: Glad you guys had an awesome trip, hopefully we all can get together in 2014... :head:

I guess i`m just speechless about sheps Stash.....Just amazing :yesss:

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Nice story to go along with the pictures Tom. Ya'll did pretty good from what I see. Were those 2 holes an old mine or just diggins?

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Nice story to go along with the pictures Tom. Ya'll did pretty good from what I see. Were those 2 holes an old mine or just diggins?


It was a old mine. They were digging this really black rock. John told me what it was...malignum or something like that...it was worth something in the 50s.

Just a cool old dig :)

Tom H.

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Thank's Tom. I was wondering. You know, Shep shouldn't flash that big nuggie around. I did have my gold fever at bay, but now i don't know...lol

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Keep the story strait Tom it was a manganese dig..

I was sure it had a M in it somewhere..........you called it when you saw it. :) John backed it up.

Great times.

Tom H.

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