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metal rock ?? what is it ?

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just chipped it crushed it , easer than I thought , it just crushed into a pile of bright silvery powder and left NO coulors what so ever , I have never seen a stone crush into a pile of metal flakes like that before , made a weird sound as I crushed it , but might of been what I crushed it on ??

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I was thinking it might have been an iron mineral but those leave red or gray powders or streaks. Not sure what it is but I still don't think it's a meteorite. Surely there's a school, college, rock club nearby where you live. I'm sure someone can indentify it. Just have to ask around for someone that knows about rocks and minerals.

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Its probably Galena , but then I have never had magnetic galena. Hematite can be magnetic on occasion but usually only slightly. maybe there is magnetite in the stone as well. The brittle nature and metallic lustre would suggest galena.

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regarding the found dutchmans post , I have taken this to our local museum but nobody was available to have a look at it , so I went up to the fossils an dinasaurs level an showed it to the staff guy, he says its not his field (meteorites), so he takes a look under the microscope anyway an says -wow are you thinking what im thinking- meteorite, he called a college over an she was just as puzzled saying she didn't no either guessing it was copper, slag, so on then she says it could be a nugget of platinum ,LOL . to go back over the museum is a boat ride an a day out so I don't get much time . why does it have a crust, gold flakes, olivine crystals , magnetic , heavy, roundish metal balls, an a mix of stone an iron ??






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Really enjoyed reading this, laughed till my sides hurt. Good luck thenighthawk

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