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Fisaher Labs- AGAIN

Bedrock Bob

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So a few weeks back I decided to return a new coil that would not ground balance. It was the last in a long line of coil problems for me on my GB2.

I received a replacement coil and when I put it on the pole last week it would not ground balance...just like the last new coil I tried. But I still had two other coils that worked fine on the machine. I figured that if some would work and some wouldn't the fault must be in the coil. A logical assumption.

I called Felix at Fisher Labs (again) and we discussed it. He suggested that I send all the coils and the machine to be checked out.

Yesterday I got a call from him. All the coils were fine. The machine itself just needed "calibration". He said the machine would work better than a new one when returned. Everything had been tuned and balanced and the cost was $55. Shipping included.

The differences between the "good" coils were HUGE. I wonder how many machines are running on five cylinders without the user ever knowing? I had always sworn by the sensitivity of this machine until I had the last coil problem and ony then began to wonder if I was losing power.

The darn thing runs like a racehorse now! It is much more stable and less chattery. It seems that "balanced" is not one tiny place on the fine adjustment but a wide area of about a half turn. Once again I can run a little positive without excess noise. I can't wait to get it over some gold and see what it will do for real.

If anyone has had their machine for years or has had several coils (mine is 11 years old and about6-7 coils I guess) SEND IT IN! Get yourself a tune up! It just may make you grin as big as me right now!

Great service and respect from Fisher in El Paso. Felix tells me that if I find anything at all wrong to call him and he will arrange free shipping until I feel it is perfect. Nice form Felix!

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Bob, When I was in Q a couple of winters ago I had a disc. switch problem and a noisy GB pot. I sent it in and had it repaired and calibrated. I still have the original 6 inch coil and I didn't send it in. When I got it back a couple weeks later it was amazing. The GB2 and coil were purchased in 1997 from Arizona Al's and that was the first time back to Fisher. That original coil is still working great. Between my wife and I it has found well over 2000 pieces of gold. Goldbug Ron

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Fishers has always been first rate on customer service...the best! ... I had similar probs to Bob's about 10 years ago and my experience with them was the same ... Buy a Fishers machine and you've got service for life ... Highly endorse this company ... Cheers, Unc

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