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Stoddard wells area any gold ?

H-2 Charlie

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Check out the history of Stoddard. Not many people now about this. He was a Mormon from Salt Lake City and dug the well there. He and his wife lived there and prospected all around the area. According to the story he accumulated pounds of gold from shallow outcroppings he found and worked. They were taking the gold back to the church in Salt lake when he was robbed. He was a small man and his wife was quite large she managed to hide some of the gold on here body and that was all they had left from the pounds he was hauling to the Mormon church. It is a area that I have always wanted to explore, on my gold bucket list.


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don't know about gold but there is green ,so dark green it looks black JADE yes jade with magnitite inclusions.You can cut and polish it then electroplate the magnitite with gold to make one of a kind jewlery. attachicon.gifPC161029.JPG

Very nice! I really like that....

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I live about 10 miles from the Stoddard Wells area and have detected, drywashed, panned, etc. and have never found anything (gold). I know the local club from Hesperia I am a member of has a couple of claims to the east of Slash X cafe, but you NEVER see anybody there working them. I have tried there a few times with no luck, and for a claim that is several years old, the drywash piles are all but non-existent. All they/you can do is try....but I wouldn't get too excited. Just my two cents as a local.

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