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Near Seagrove, NC(15 miles) where I have my shop, back in the 1930 ish time frame, a meteorite hit and a part was recovered (79 KG). I have found a little info but is there a good website for getting the data on landing sites and direction of the strewn fields. The Lat/Long I have puts it at a church which makes me thing it was a generalized location and might be off by several miles.

Since I am new to this part of prospecting, I don't really know what kind of data exist.

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Dis, there is not likely to be any good official info...back then they often named the meteorites by the nearest post office...reading through old newspaper archives would be a likely source for eyewitness accounts. From that info you may be able to establish an idea of the strewn field-if there is one.

good luck


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